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Overview of Functions:

  • Releases active hydrogen
  • Concentrates alkaline minerals,
  • Improves the taste, texture, and bio-availability of water.
  • Hydro-Chi Improves the flavor of tea, coffee, rice, etc.  

This product is ideal for the whole family.  

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Ozone generators help remove unwanted smells and bacteria, virus and mold from the air. Click here to read more.  

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Read the story behind the removal of BioAnue and TumorX dietary supplements. Stop that Monster Who Controls Your Supplements...Read More

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our mission statement
It is our mission to meet the needs of the holistic health community by offering quality products with cutting edge technology. We want to help empower the health-seeker so they can become self-sufficient.   

We were known to our customers for the quality brands of dietary supplements we manufactured. We were dedicated to providing high-quality formulas to help meet those needs.  Our formulas had extensive research to back-up the efficacy of the ingredients. We are now bringing the same devotion to the new non-dietary supplement products.  This will ensure that you will get quality based products that scientific studies and concepts support.

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BioAnue Laboratories does not add handling charges or other hidden fees to the cost of shipping. We only charge the actual costs that USPS, UPS, and DHL charges us to ship the packages to you. We pass along our account rate to you.

Orders are shipped daily, Monday through Friday, to national and international customers. We close for US Federal holidays.

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